HP SMS Campaign

Business problem: There has been a traditional focus on software product sales and implementation of software. However, without the appropriate support, millions of dollars of software is either left unimplemented, or under used, meaning that organisations do not reach the full value of their software. This campaign aimed to raise awareness for the Solution Management…

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Zurich Interactive PDF

Finding and choosing the right insurance policy for your business can be a difficult, and time consuming activity – but it is absolutely necessary. This PDF was designed to give a short and snappy, clear picture of specific cover details for a variety of SMEs. The PDF was designed to be completely interactive, with a…

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In order to make the website more manageable, the client requested for the people1st.co.uk be implemented onto the Kentico platform along with their other sites. This required a redesign and build of the┬áthe people1st.co.uk and had to be ready within a matter of weeks for a launch event. I headed up a team of designers,…

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HP Service Anywhere

The HP Service Anywhere (SAW) software creates connected intelligence and analytics-driven decision making. With the use of BIG Data, the software helps to eliminate knowledge silos and organically grow new knowledge derived from unstructured data such as social media sources, so organizations can gain a new level of insight and react to problems at the…

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Careers That Move – anigraphic

Careers that Move showcases the variety of career options in passenger transport and travel, providing valuable information to students, employers, career advisors and training providers in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The client was in need to showcase the features and benefits of the Careers that Move site in a short visual way. Briefed…

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Symantec – Golden Seat

The aim was to increase sales of Backup Exec 2014, through the Client’s partners. To add incentive to the sales reps, the idea of a rewards based competition was formed. The Golden Seat concept centred around the Symantec brand colours, and a link to a selection of prizes – all that would include winning a…

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